Crowdscource some Answers 6.0 - Win 5 Leo and 5 HIVE and even a PIZZA

Ok All I want to trying something a bit different and please bear with me because it's my first time trying this and I'll adapt as needed.

I have some questions I'm trying to answer and I cannot think of a better brain trust to ask then you all, some of the brightest and most informed people I know.

However I have had one answers yet, come on people free money! So I have even added a PIZZA prize.

Also please check my previous blogs and enter!

Now I know nothing in this life is free which is why I have at least 5 LEO AND 5 HIVE to spread among the best answers for this question and an additional PIZZA for the best and I hope to grow the pot as we go.

Ok so the questions I need answered today is:

"Can the engagement of artists within DAO include not only traditional artist sales of
self-generated pieces or single person sponsorship of an art piece but also complex
engagement protocols such as crowd funding sponsorship and equity auction sponsorship,
art product, services and experience competitions on nominated projects with prizes with customised contractual arrangements for prize-winners? Has this been done before?"

Ok so how to win some LEO, HIVE and PIZZA?

Drop your answers in the comments below and I'll pay out in 7 days. It can be pretty open in how you respond, it can be in the form of a great comment, pointing to a scientific paper, some preoviuse example of how this is done, an article or a HIVE blog or really anything that informs!


Thanks in advance for all those that join in!

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