Postcard autumn cityscape


The next stop on my autumn express journey through creative waves is called "postcard photography" or, more precisely, "postcard autumn cityscape". At this frequency, you can shoot in several genres at once. But these will be certain genres: reportage, cityscape, street.

You can also see the graphics somewhere, but these will be single sketchy images.

But it is quite possible to combine street with postcards.

This series was just made in such a combination, but for some reason I selected the postcards separately and then I will show only the street separately.

Perhaps I needed to show the entire sequence of frames, what it was, but I did not want to interfere bright yellow pictures with dark abstract speckles.

All the most beautiful, as always, is where ancient architecture is combined with water bodies.

Trees with yellow foliage look bright in any weather, but the ideal setting for shooting, whatever one may say, is a sunny day with blue skies.

Personally, my favorite state is when the sun peeps out through dark clouds and illuminates everything around.

The result is a wild contrast of dark blue and yellow.

And the combination that is in these pictures is closer to the stock one, that is, the most aesthetic.

There are those photographers who shoot only within the narrow limits of the genre, and there are generalists.

So station wagons are good at landscape, reportage and street.

This, as it seems to me, is the most important troika that will open any doors of any genre. With the help of them, you can know all the others.