Night gloom. Osanovo grove-2


As I always say, I try not to repeat after anyone, only sometimes I can use the general style, which is only a way of conveying reality through photography. It's like a programming script - all applications created are intellectual property, but they are created thanks to someone else's script.

Or an even harsher example: a camera is also someone's invention, but we use it to create something of our own.

There are genres in literature, there are styles of versification, but they are all just a tool for creativity.

But this is not at all an excuse for oneself, but an attempt to broaden the horizons of the reader.

I shot here with a flash in the spring without foliage and promised to come here in the foliage season. It turned out to go only in the fall.

There is more foliage in the summer, but the nights are not gloomy enough.

And yellow foliage wins in color over green.

Still, with leaves on trees, it turns out interesting in its own way!

Now I have a desire to capture the same places with a flash, only during a heavy snowfall.

And I have not tried it in the rain yet - in theory, the drops should be highlighted.

I have been looking for a way to capture the darkness of this grove for a very long time.

I've tried all the techniques and styles I know.

And unexpectedly for me, the way came from where I did not expect it - this is flash highlighting.

Once upon a time, many years ago, I tried to illuminate objects with a flashlight in the forest, but this cannot be compared with the intensity of light from a flash.

This is how those landscapes illuminated by a flashlight looked like. This one was shot with flash, but the slow shutter speed ruined everything, brightening the sky and killing the gloom.

Here is a landscape of the same grove without any artificial lighting at all. An exposure of 30 seconds made the landscape as familiar as possible and not at all gloomy.

But everything is learned with the help of time and experience.

To be continued...


Many of these photos are scary. They are giving the feeling of being in the forest alone in the night.