Night gloom. Osanovo grove-1


So I the darkness of the Osanovo grove at night, taking with me a creative wave called full frontal flash or a night landscape with a flash! I told you that I have visited all creative frequencies and this special frequency too.

Why is the maximum gloom of the picture created by the flash?

All associations come from horror movies, where you can compare the light from a flashlight with the light created by a flash.
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Or with photos of crime chronicles, where forensic investigators take pictures of the incident with a flash.

And it may also be because the flash illuminates only the foreground, and the further, the more it plunges into darkness.

It's like walking through a tunnel and shining with a flashlight, where the light directly depends on the power of the flashlight and the degree of its charge.

All these are just stereotypes that are imposed on us from the outside by such associations.

If we discard all this, then we get a landscape that is quite interesting in terms of light and graphics.

Another originality comes from the rarity of using such type of light.

But I have already said that the flash is used by both street photographers and documentalists, who are included in the most elite photographic agency Magnum.

Therefore, there is a whole direction, the name of which I mentioned at the very beginning of the post.

I agree that there is still darkness in the pictures.

But he was actually present, because I was surrounded by darkness and I was alone.

Although for some reason unknown to me, I did not feel the slightest fear, although I am afraid of the natural darkness.

Although I am now consciously afraid of the dark: I am afraid only in those places where there is an opportunity to meet a wild beast.

To be continued...


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