Courtyard spaces with full frontal flash

That evening I got to the point where I switched from gloomy places to courtyard spaces, staying on the same creative wave. That is, I began to shoot courtyards at night with a flash.

Of course, I had to change my approach to finding a plot.

I began to select such places so that they looked interesting with a flash, and not beautiful color and light from artificial light sources.

The perception of space changes depending on the genre/creative wave.

And so far, the main objects of interest have been trees.

The most difficult thing is to photograph people at night with a flash.

Even during the day they are unhappy that they are being filmed. And at night they will generally be shocked by such attention to themselves.

It turns out that with a flash at night in the city there is nothing more to shoot except people and trees.

Only nature is diverse, where different types of shrubs and trees look graphically in their own way.

And in an urban environment, where houses are mixed with cars, where there are many different sources of light, a flash is essentially not needed at all.

Another option for using flash is to make the shutter speed as fast as possible.

But my goal is to study the properties of flash light and its effect on graphics.

So far, the graphics appear only on tree trunks, branches, foliage.

It follows from all this that flash is needed for portraits, street reportage photography (again, where there are people and movement) and for conceptual graphic landscapes.

All I have to do is try the flash in the snowfall.

Or in heavy rain.

And then I will consider that I have studied this genre.

But that is not all. I saved the graphics for last. To be continued...


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