Between light and dark-4

So I have waited for the state when I was able to plunge into space or, in simple words, connect to a frequency where you can see contrasting scenes in the genre of street photography.

Why is it space? I have already explained more than once how our consciousness, mind works in different genres of photography.

I'll try to convey it even easier. In reportage photography, you have to turn on your mind and think about how best to frame the picture in accordance with the creative task.

With the landscape, it is also clear: if there is already a beautiful light, then you just need to build the frame in accordance with the rules of composition.

If you have worked out all the rules automatically, then your attention becomes freer to think through other aspects of the plot.

In night photography, I personally act already crazy, that is, I rely only on my inner feelings and experiences and practically do not attach importance to the composition, plot, color.

Perhaps, the trained look at interesting combinations of compositional elements, color and light spots plays a big role. I do not focus on them and they line up automatically based on experience.

Street photography is close to space, that is, to unconscious frame constructions, but there is still a share of reportage in it.

Street photography is such a quintessence of photographic genres, which attracts me very much.

There is a night space - these are walks in the courtyards at night, and there is a day space - this is street photography.

I forgot to mention graphics and minimalism. Probably, minimalism is more from the mind, and the graphics from the soul.

I have myopia, but I don't wear glasses. I use this flaw in my art to see spots of color and light.

But mild myopia alone is not enough, it is still necessary to additionally defocus the vision in order to see the full picture by the color-light spots.

Summing up the genres, I will highlight the most important ones that strain the mind as much as possible - this is a reportage and a landscape.

All the rest are cosmos to varying degrees. The maximum one is the courtyard at night.

Street photography can be not only about people on the street, but also about inanimate elements of the street.

As a rule, these are abstract plots designed to show familiar things from a different angle.

There is even humorous street photography, but it seems to me that this is like a reportage - you have to think, turn on the brain.

To be continued...


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