Autumn everyday life

During my life I have reviewed a huge number of photos of different genres and on this basis I can conclude that all photographic art tends to geometry or graphics. Reportage photography, where the plot and meaning are the key, is kept apart. But even in the report, abstract techniques are often used.

This is because the photographic image is firstly perceived as a cover, and only then it allows you to penetrate deeper beyond the boundaries of the two-dimensional plane.

And to attract attention, schemes from ordinary physics are used: color, lines, shapes.

And metaphysics begins a little later.

All the time that I am talking about different genres and how they affect life in general, I am describing internal states.

Maybe someone will find something similar to their hobby or work.

There are several types of reportage photography.

The two main types are newspaper and magazine.

The difference between them is that there should be a lot of aesthetics in newspaper reportage photography, while this factor does not dominate in magazine photography.

I am starting to feel all these different levels, frequencies more and more...but so far it is difficult to describe all these processes.

I'm even trying to switch, jump from frequency to frequency. So far it turns out.

But not all frequencies are available both in photography and in life.

For some, you need to upgrade yourself, go through a certain level.

There are many examples of this: did not pass the exam - did not proceed to the next course; did not improve qualifications - did not get a position; did not prepare properly - did not pass the license exam..

It is enough even just to change clothes correctly. But even this is not easy, because correctly equals expensive. You won't be able to save! The system cannot be fooled. And yes, this is a paradox that sounds like: if you have no money, that you won't have money! You need to spend a lot of money to change clothes, and you cannot cheat and save, then money will be attracted to you. But you cannot buy with the last funds. This is such nonsense, it would seem...but I can feel it how it works. Oh, that's all. Something I flared up again.


Really cool to see this insight into your life! Keep up the great photo series!