Autumn as a fact. Part 2


Autumn beauty is best sought in urban environments due to the variety of tree and shrub species. In nature, it's best to find graphics. Although both are everywhere and, if desired, can be easily captured.

These pictures were taken in the very center of the city.

It is no secret that in the urban environment there are natural oases that can look like a jungle.

For the third year in a row I have been shooting nature graphics and still cannot get enough of such subjects!

Of course, this topic is developing by me and the result is progressing.

This time I tried to make a minimum of graphics and maximum beauty.

But the time will soon come when I will plunge into monotony and monochrome.

Natural graphics, which I most often shoot, can be difficult to understand for the viewer.

I decided to simplify the perception of the plot.

Yes, graphicality to one degree or another still sometimes makes you strain your brain in some frames.

The goal was to capture beauty, not monotony with no plans.

By the way, I tried to make plans almost everywhere, as this also simplifies the perception of the picture.

For lovers (if there are any) of monotonous unplanned natural graphics, where there is nothing at all, except for messy lines and a slightly traced tonality of color, there will be posts a little later.

In the meantime, I suggest admiring the autumn beauty.

To be continued...


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