Mulan is worth bingeing on

Just like Ewooyn in the Lord of the ring series whose passion is on the battlefield so is Mulan's passion only on the battlefield in a country where women's place is meant to be only in giving birth, in taking care of her husband and children, and in the kitchen.

About the movie

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Mulan's father was happy his first daughter was different from every other girl in their community but was afraid of what people will say and the critics towards him since he has no son but two daughters.

Mulan's inner Chi (energy), as it was called was so strong that from a young, she learned to fight even without having anyone to teach her the basics except her father who had lost one of his legs on the battlefield due to serving his country.

Everyone around was afraid of Mulan except her younger sister including her parents are afraid of her and her exceptional attitude and strength as a girl.

Her father because of the looks on people's faces when they see her portray this attitude begged her to hide her strength and behave like every other girl which Mulan accepted for fear of disgracing her family.

When she grew older and was ripe like every other girl, they took her to the matchmaker to find a suitable man for her but all didn't go well as Mulan went all put to kill a spider in front of her younger sister who almost fainted because of her fear of spider.

Mulan didn't remember she was supposed to behave like a well-trained girl who was fragile but stood up and killed the spider causing coercion in the meeting.

The matchmaker sent her and her family out because she felt she wasn't a good and well-trained girl.

That same day, the chief Security officer came with a letter from the Empire stating that all families are asked to bring one person who would be trained by the best warriors to fight the upcoming battle.

Mulan's father was a retired soldier and had lost a leg but since he had no son to fight, he decided to go into the battle. His wife tried persuading him not to but he was bent on fighting and protecting his country and family because he felt that was his job.

Mulan seeing that her father was not going to change his mind while others were asleep, Mulan picked up her father's sword and his war cloth, disguised herself as a man, and left for the war front.

All through her stay, she never took her bath in front of everyone and was secluded. Everyone loved her and even her chief officer believed in her and asked her to let her Chi out because Chi as strong as hers was rare to have.

She was diligent and always stayed awake while others slept to learn what she had been taught and bring to perfection what she knew.

The fight began and Mulan was against the which herself who advised her to reveal herself if she wants to survive in the war.

Mulan decided to let them know she wasn't who they thought she was and she was asked to leave the battlefield back to her home but she refused and wandered around. On her way, she realized that the life of the Emperor was actually in danger, and whatever they were doing was a set up by their other enemies to distract them and take them away from protecting the Emperor.

She went back and told her chief officer who with the rest of the soldiers decided to let her lead them back into the city to protect the Emperor and his kingdom from attacks.

Although they got there late, but Mulan with the help of the other soldiers rescued the Emperor and brought back peace into her country. Although she lost her father's sword in the process of rescuing the Emperor and the which who had started the battle was killed because she decided to help Mulan who she believed was her kind.

Mulan was promoted but first made permission to go back and see her father and ask for
forgiveness which was granted by the Emperor.

Her father forgave her and was happy to see his daughter bring him honour. He was proud she did not let his words and that of the people around her stop her from achieving her dreams. A new sword was presented to Mulan and four signs were encrypted in her sword instead of three which were Loyal, brave, trust, and devotion to family.

Mulan saved her dynasty and as a result, the whole kingdom was in her hand to protect.

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Mulan is a 2020 American fantasy action drama film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Niki Caro and released date is
10 September 2020 (Nigeria)

Film star; Yifei Liu; Donnie Yen; Tzi Ma; Jason Scott Lee; Yoson An; Ron Yuan; Gong Li; Jet Li

My Thought
Some people did say the movie lacks focus and charm because of the changes made but for me, I think the characters played their roles perfectly well and the focus of the movie was not diverted and the charm is impeccable. We can also see that humor was created in this movie as well as suspense.

The movie is perfect in portraying that it is good to believe in our inner mind and stand strong to our passion.

Thank you all for always finding time to read through my content, my happiness has no bounds when I see your comment, reblogs, and upvote on my articles. I pray that God bless you all for real.



I wasn't so sure about watching this film, because I really love Mulan and I didn't want to see something different, but maybe I should give it a chance
Good post!