Marriage is Beautiful

We live in a world where people think a woman is defined only by her marital status no matter what he or she has achieved in life.

Some people feel no matter what a woman achieves without getting married she is still a failure, marriage is the best and most important thing a woman should think about and not achieve her dreams.

Those who get married or are married are most times treated like they are Saints or perhaps goddess than the singles no matter what these single ladies have achieved

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying a woman shouldn't think about marriage, but in a culture where people think a woman's place should be pursuing marriage and not pursuing her passion or dreams is becoming unbearable, notwithstanding, marriage is beautiful.

The glow that radiates in a woman when she is about to start this journey can't be explained and I am always glad when I see them smile because they are finally going to say "Yes, I do" to the love of their life.

The smile on the face of the mother of the bride is always priceless watching her daughter go into marriage.

So, on Wednesday, I went to witness the traditional marriage of a church member in my state but in another Local Government Area called Obot Itu and I must say the journey was tiresome and hectic because those guys deal with hills and water but notwithstanding the marriage was a success.


Just like every culture have their different customs during a traditional marriage, so does my tribe have.

So, we usually start with the groom's family going to the venue first to be welcomed by their soon-to-be inlaws with assorted types of the bride's native culture food. We all know that villages have their own traditions too even though they are in one state.

So an Annang lady's traditional native food would likely be slightly different from the Ibibio, Oron, Eket, Ona lady's traditional native dish which during this occasion is called Udia Ibang.

After the groom's family finishes eating, the marriage proper begins with the groom being invited into the arena with a danceable song and tested by the man of the occasion (M.C) if he can perform properly on the bed as a husband and doesn't have weak knees, waist, then later asked to walk down to his seat. These activities are done for fun.


The eldest woman from the bride's family is called upon and asked to get the bride. but the woman won't leave the place without collecting some bucks for transportation that would bring the woman down to the venue. The money would be given and she would call other women to go with her to bring the bride.

In some cultures, they bring different ladies as the bride and they will ask the groom and the family of the groom if that is the woman they came for and in the process collect money for transportation that will convey the real bride down to the arena after a while of playing around, the woman is also ushered in with a danceable song by friends.


The woman is later ushered to walk majestically to her seat while her husband stands up from his seat to welcome her to the seat on his right-hand side.

Both couples are seen wearing the same colour of cloth to make them outstanding from others who came and also from their families.

Both families most of the time choose to wear the same colour of uniform different from the crowd to make them also outstanding, making people know those who are the families and those who are the friends of the couples.


Both couples are later asked to come down and meet their parents respectively for proper introduction of their spouse. So the lady takes her husband to her parents first since he is the one coming to marry her with a wine to introduce him to them. With her knees on the ground as a sign of respect, she presents her spouse. Her parents get the wine from her as a sign that they accept the marriage, bless her and her husband and tell them both to rise.


The groom also does the same thing, takes his bride to his family with wine, his parents get the wine and bless their marriage.


Both parents are later called out with both spouse's pastors present to bless their marriage while they both go on their knees.


The couples are given time to take pictures with family, friends, and well-wishers who came to grace their occasion while the bride family will be asked to bring out the gift for their daughter which she will use to start her new home. Household properties or utensils, which we call mkpo ufok will be brought to her which she will take to her new home.


They are traditionally married in the eyes of everyone. Not many people fancy white weddings, so most people just do everything at once and go to their home but for some people, they also fix a date for the white wedding and these two will be getting married religiously in the church tomorrow which is Saturday to seal their union.

Marriage is beautiful, sweet, honourable regardless of the challenges couples face and their differences, flaws, and imperfection as long as they are with that one person that brings peace to them.

Thank you all for always finding time to read through my content, my happiness has no bounds when I see your comment, reblogs, and upvote on my articles. I pray that God bless you all for real.



Fabulous. This is really impressive.

I like to read about different marital rites that are performed by varieties of regions and this particular one is impressive in all ramification.

Marriage is an interesting ceremony and I wish these love birds a happy married life.


Thank you for visiting my post. Amen.


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