Most times, we are not angry, jealous, or bitter because someone did something to us, we are angry, jealous, and bitter because we are lonely and desire to be accepted.

You see a young single lady walking down the street, angry and bitter about everyone and everybody she comes across, not because they did her anything but because she is lonely and desires to be accepted.

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We find a single mother with young kids filled with bitterness to the rest of the World and the opposite sex not because of what the world did to her but because of the loneliness in her heart created by the one person she once loved and cherishes and the desire to be accepted is clouding her judgment about the other people at the other side of the world.

Most times, loneliness is the root of our anger, jealousy, and bitterness most especially for those who desire to be accepted and one thing we have failed to realize is that many of us have just the one thing; loneliness in common that has been causing havoc in the lives of thousands of people roaming around the world looking for who and where they would be accepted and to show their real selves to the world without been judged or made a mockery of.

Loneliness is the spirit that no one can solve or subdue with a broken spirit because it is a dark clouding that makes us fail to see the good side of the other people on the other side of the world but the truth is, we never need to feel lonely because we're all dealing with the same concerns, the same issues, the same insecurity and all we need is to connect with each other and boom, the spirit of loneliness is extinguished.

It's no wonder the top is lonely because those are the top are all aspiring to succeed that they lose themselves in the process but the truth is success doesn't matter and doesn't even count if we lose ourselves in the process because we refuse to connect with people who are fighting the same issues as we are.

There would be no room for loneliness if we open our hearts and arms to fight these issues with the rest of those who are fighting the same issue. Our desire to be accepted has pushed some of us into a state of loneliness.

At each point in our lives, we all feel that pang of loneliness wearing us down but we shouldn't let it eat us up because we've got people who are fighting for that same course. So, instead of letting it eat us up leaving us only to be shallow of ourselves, let connect with others and fight.

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