Grateful For Life


It's the eco train Question Of The Week. And the question for this week is What is the one thing that you are most grateful for in this life?"

I am grateful for the gift of lives


My mom gave birth to five children but unfortunately, two died at a tender age and just the three of us survived to date. That alone is enough to be grateful to God for our life.

Life wasn't smooth even while we were young, many times we've had critical accidents that should have taken our lives but we always survived it even though we always ended up in the hospital. God kept us alive.


The journey after the death of our father was worse than we had thought, at a point in time, I lost hope of surviving because I felt life was being unfair to the three of us, at our tender age. Year after year I got this fear that any of us would die and that alone scared the wit out of me but we all survived till this day.

Attending school was another difficult issue, there was no money for us to attend and we three at a point gave up on ever attending school but God saw us through and we are all graduates of Secondary school while I wait for next year to attend the Higher institution.

We've faced our challenges as individuals, and as siblings, we've cried as individuals, and as siblings, we've had our shares of life struggle as individuals and as siblings but in all, we are still alive and kicking because God kept us through the years and is still keeping us not taking our unfaithfulness to him into consideration.

I am grateful to God for thousands of things I would have loved to write here but since the question says one, I think what I have written above is enough.

Thank you all for always finding time to read through my content, my happiness has no bounds when I see your comment, reblogs, and upvote on my articles. I pray that God bless you all for real.