Keep Praying


Laying on my bed, thinking about my life, this particular song titled Keep Praying by Maverick City Music keeps popping in my head and this particular phrase of this song keeps ringing over and over again

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They said prayer was a master, a king
If I pray then God would answer me, oh
He really did
He showed me His care
Oh, His care, yeah

Every prayer today is a seed for tomorrow
Keep praying, keep praying
Oh, hold on to the faith and the blessing will follow
(Keep) Keep praying
(Keep praying) Keep praying

Oh, we are living proof (oh)
Of what holding on can do (yeah)
(We are, we are) We are living proof
Of what holding on can do

And He sees every tear that's falling, oh yeah
And He can feel the pain and burdens
And He hears every cry to Heaven
So let it rise, oh

You see, I am a girl with little words but many times my little words to God in my room, in the toilet, in my bathroom, on my bed, with my friends even in the church has saved me many times than I can count and I am living proof of what God can do.

Countless times I have groaned because I can't pray anymore, countless times my tears have spoken those hidden pains and words that my mouth can not speak to man but in all, He has heard my prayers and came through for me.

Even when I feel distressed and feel like giving up, I will keep praying because I know He will come through for me maybe not today but He will always make a way where there seems to be no way.

I will keep holding because I am proof of what believing in His word can do and has done. Keep praying until He comes through for you.

If you are tired of praying, why not cry, if you are tired of crying, then groan, just make sure you keep on praying and keep the faith because He always answers our prayers.
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