life runs on blood


And blood is scarce. Donations are needed to keep the healthcare system running.

In Ljubljana centre for blood donations there is a sign:

Z vami življenje teče dalje

A loose translation would be:

With you, life (runs) continues

After the donation, it is a custom to have a snack in the cafeteria. A well-deserved sandwich with tea, coffee, apple and juice.

Today I got the green tape around the elbow. Green is always in fashion, isn't it?

The blood donation centre is famous for its fish tank in the lobby.

I couldn't get a good focus on this little Nemo.

This was my sixteenth donation on record. I need to wait for three months for the next one.

Do you donate blood too? Every day is a good day to start.

To end this report on a high note here is another uplifting (or calming) sign to keep you in focus:

A literal translation is:

Keep a peaceful blood

Or loosely

Keep calm

better and better
:ervin :lemark