There live a king and his family in the village called amaku they live happily there in that village, there live an Hunter too as the story proceed one of the hunter was a wicked and stubborn hunter while the other one was very submissive and obedience.

so on a sunny day the princess of that Land went and tell her father that she wants to pass through the forest to the other village to visit her friend so his father didn't agree with her, she pleaded her father and he agreed with her and called one of his guard to inform the hunters that no body should go for hunting on the ago market day.

So they all agreed and the guard went back to the palace as the day begins, on ago market day the stubborn hunter stood up and say who is the king that says that hunters should not go for hunting today?

Ikpapo will go for hunting today!!, he wore a dress and carry his gun for hunting.
The princess was also on her way to her journey, still at the same way with the hunter to the next village, as the princess was passing in the forest, the stubborn hunter didn't know that Was human being passing.

He thought that it was a big antelope so he shoot the antelope and rush to carry it not knowing that it's the princess. He wanted to shout but he keeps quiet and go out off the bush, he went to called Udo eduk the obedient hunter, that has he was passing through a river he saw a big antelope and that he needed help so that they can kill the antelope, Udo eduk disagree with him and told him that the king said that no body should go to the forest for hunting today.

then he said that he wasn't serious for not coming with him and he will leave him , "hmm" I don't have any option let me follow you said they obedience hunter.

both of them went to the forest as the reach the place where the stubborn hunter killed the princess he told Udo eduk to shoot as Udo eduk shoot the gun and both of them rush to where the princess was the stubborn hunter shouted yes and rush to the village and inform everybody that Udo eduk has killed the princess not knowing that kpakpo the stubborn hunter killed the princess before coming back to called the hunter as the story proceed on the villagers called police and arrested Udo eduk for the suicide he committed.

Day after odo etuk place course on him and kpakpo the stubborn hunter woke up one morning, coming out from his house he saw the princess and he tried to escape but he couldn't the princess told him to confess immediately he ran to the village square and confess that he was responsible for the princess death the villagers shouted and he was banished from the land then the king ask the police to release udo etuk the innocent hunter. The story ends.

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