The story of jan and Jim

Love is a beautifil thing when You're with The right person.
When love lingers, it can build a thousand tower.

Love could write billions of words tirelessly.
Love is a spirit, open your eyes and you'll see yours .

There's an hellbound between Jim and Jane.
Jane is a childhood friend of Jim.

They have been together for many years now.

They met when when they were very little.

Many years back, It was a normal day when Jim went out with his dad for shopping.

He had wanted to have ice cream but to no avail because be his father was out of cash. darling,

"I'll get it for you in the next shopping, okay" Dad said trying to sound neutral.

Jane was right there with his dad was busy packing provisions for her.

Shortly , she called to her father's attention.

"Dad , I need you to get an ice cream for a new friend".

"Who could that be?"
"The boy over there" She said pointing her finger at Jim who was frowning ...

"Okay, I'll do just that"
"Thank you, dad"
"You're most welcome"

Few minutes later , her dad returned with two ice cream..
"He gave her one and have one"
"Awww.. dad, I love you"
"I love you too"
Jane took the ice cream to Jim and he got it with full elation.

"Thank you so much " Jim muttered loudly and excitedly .
"You're welcome"
"So what's your name " Jim asked
"I'm Jane"
"Wow... Nice to meet you dear Jane... Jim stretched out his hands to shake her and she shook him.

Not so long , Jam's dad came back to meet them talking .
"Hi dad!, meet my friend". jim's said proudly
" Wow.. It's nice to meet you lady"
"What's your name, please"
"She's Jane"Jim answered hastily.
"Jane!!!" Her father called her.

"It's time to go home"
"I live in the suburb of the city
block 34, hope you won't mind visiting?"
Jane asked
"We won't" They both replied...
Jane and Jim are best friends , they both enjoy the company of each other ... They made a great team together.

"Jane will be leaving New York this weekend " Jim told his father sadly
"Oh no! Where is she leaving to?"
"When will she be coming back?"
"She isn't coming back to New York anymore, I guess she will be staying there with her family.

Sad moments were what Jim and Jane had , because they couldn't imagine how life will be like without each other... They have been together for five years now and they always have good times..
"I think I won't have a good time again because she isn't here" Jim thought deeply.

It is six years now since Jane left New York to Leicester.. They have both moved on but their memories were just too precious for them to allow it to fade away.

Jim is now in college in Australia .
Life in college was just stressful; studying, reading, running to and fro for lectures, doing summer break jobs and the rest of things.

One morning , Jim was rushing to meet up the class scheduled time in order not to be late.

He went into a lady and fall her books..
They both bend to pick up the books , looking at each other they recognized themselves. Jane? Jim?
"Oh goodness!"
"What are you doing here? asked Jane
"Schooling here now!" Jim replied.
"It's really good to see you again after about six years back "
"I've really missed you"
"Missed you too, Jim"
"So you're telling me that we are now going to be together again?"

"That's how it is supposed to be "
They both laughed nosily ...
Suddenly it was as if something just flashed his mind.

"Hey, I have a class now,
I need to go "
"See you later"
"Yeah... Jim said as he ran to the lecture hall..

The day was the best that Jim has ever had for a long time now.
What he did through the class was just precise and accurate.. He was thinking of the morning coincidence.
"Oh thank goodness" He said silently.

Jim met Jane in the restaurant where the talk , talk amd talk. Jane told him how and why she came to Australia.

The things that happened in the past weren't relevant to them anymore.. All that matters now is that they are together again..

Now , things has changed , they are no more a kids that run around the room,they are grown ups now . Falling in love with each other wasn't really surprising to them, cos they loved themselves even when they were kids...

The two love birds are pursuing their goals with the help of each other.

Planning how they will live in the future....
They both graduate from school and they are still going.

Hoping that in the nearest future, they'll get married, and have many children as they want and live happily ever after...
Love is everywhere, just open your eyes and see it.