As human beings learn from observation.
The adage that says" people do more of what they see than what they hear" is very true. Our parents or guardians represent the first set of role models that we will ever have.

This will be followed by an elderly sibling, a peer teacher or authority figures, what ever form it takes we receive our schooling in human behavior informally..

we take it in some times unconsciously.
We just record and assimilate what we like in other and discard or reject what we don't like when we eventually mature, we are a mixture of combination of several different personalities. We usually have role models for everything.
We choose this models consciously or subconsciously.


What are role models?

Role models are patterns of doing and becoming.
A little girl might consciously or unconsciously adopt her mother as her role model or pattern.
As she grows up, she may decide to streamline what she models from her mom to certain specific.

She may decide that she only want to model the way her mother cooks or socialize, or speak, or pray, solve relationship problem, expresses anger, react in a crises, or a combination of both.

She may model a close friend's dress sense, financial habit, or socializing.

The point here is this:

consciously or subconsciously we all have models for how to do things we do in our lives.
Whenever the need arises, all we have to do is run to our minds and the code for that situation in terms of how to deal with it or to behave will be released to us.

It may look as if it is done haphazardly or uncoodinately but the reverse in the case, whether we know it or not choosen are model of behavior for that situation well in advance.
It is conscious when we knowingly decide on that role model and unconsciously we decide based on a program we have already installed.
Be vigilant about what you do, what you think and who you choose as a model for you.
Life is all about having good ambitions, think wisely.

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