Life is indescribable, because it ought to know the reality of so many peoples life, and a lot of people start doing things that becomes a blockage to their destiny which is very bad.

Once upon a time there live a young lady of twenty-five years old. She lost her parents when she was thirteen years old and became an orphan.

she struggles a lot and she became hopeless, she made up her mind to go and stay with her aunty. Her aunty hate her so much. Her aunty got married to a man in kano while she stays in onitsha. Her aunty husband is a civil servant; that travels out often, when the poor orphan move in she respect and honor her aunty without rendering any insult on her for a single day, despite the fact that the woman showed her a rude character but yet still, the girl doesn't care.

Week ending the husband make plans on coming back home he called his wife and inform her, the next day the man arrive at home and he was welcome back. the pretty poor lady prepared a very delicious meal and they went to the dining table to have dinner with her wife, the table was set and they started eating while the woman introduce the girl to her husband and the man welcome her they both had dinner together.

Some months later the man's children that were in school came back to the house and the parents were very happy to receive them home, the family has two children one male son and one female their names was Helina and junior, they love themselves and share things in common; so, one faithful day their dad returns from work and bought all of them some gifts, he gave it to them one after the other including the orphan they all said thank you daddy. Later in the day; Helina left her room went to the poor lady's room and envy the poor lady that she doesn't belongs to their family that she should give her back the clothes thier father bought for her. the girl was so afraid and couldn't say a word and returns the clothes.


Helina makes the house so unbearable for the poor orphan till the extent she planned to poison the girl, the girl reported the daughter to her mother but the mother didn't listen. She commanded her to live her present, the whole thing makes the girl to remember her late parent.

she wept bitterly! she was maltreated there and she planned to live so that they will not eliminate her, she ran away with some money that she saved and use that to start up a business God blessed her business and make her a prosperous one in life, till she lacks nothing she was able to provide for herself even more than she expected. one faithful day, a young man drove in a car and approach her in her shield the man was a doctor and he asked her hand in marriage she got married to the man and live very happily.

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