We can never over- emphasize the value of relationship and what they can do for us.

One of the value of positive relationship is that we cannot do for ourselves we can be motivated to do because of those whom we love.

It is as if our love for them give our battery jolt, it needs to push us further.
This is one of the things positive relationships can accomplish.

If you are having difficulty doing anything you can motivate your self by looking at how it will benefit and enrich the life of those you love.

But just like positive relationship can enrich our lives, toxic relationship can also destroy our lives.

Toxic people are the native people in our lives who stir up unhealthy emotions in us whenever we interact with them.
If you want your life to be rich and fulfilling and you want to enjoy the best of emotions ran away from toxic people.

Toxic people will compromise the quality of your life they are the source of every negative emotions you feel.

The equation for a compromise quality of life is: - toxic people equal toxic emotions equal compromise quality of life.

Toxic people will get on your nerves with their negativity.
They are the wet blanket, killjoys, and world- renounce pessimists .
They will suck the happiness out of you and run down your battery with their constant negativity.

Toxic people want to use you to further their course and when you refuse, they got offended and they proceed to blackmail you, manipulate, and scandalized you.

Toxic people want, what you have earn not what you have learned, they feel entitled to what you have and are plaque you by a disease called ingratitude.

Therefore, no matter what you give to them, is not much in their eyes and yet you cannot locate one thing in your life that they gave to you.

One the traits that make toxic people. toxic is because they have an healthy preoccupation with themselves.
You can call it being selfish or self centered.
They will attack you for no reason and are all about self preservation.
You will always feel bad after an encounter with a toxic person.

Stop trying to understand them, do your self a favor and just run very far away from them.

The only solution to it is to abstain from it. When somebody decide to be negative about you and what concerns, there's nothing you can do about it until they decide to change their mind frame.

Eliminating toxic people from your life is one of the best things you can do for yourself as you strive to archive success in life.

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