to make money you need to follow the money pattern called money circle.
The money circle is the route people who have made money took to arrive at the destination called riches.

Anybody who has ever made money this pattern either consciously or unconsciously.

The first step to identify a need that you can meet or a problem you can solve.

At the most basic level, money is the reward for solving some problem.

If you are making money, it is because you are solving some problem, if you are not making any money it's because you are not solving any problem.

Problem solving in this case can be categorize into the production of goods or the offering of service.

When you are create pleasure by the goods you produce or the service you offer people reward you with money.


What is money?

Money is given in exchange for goods and services that satisfy needs or solve problem.

A need could be dissatisfaction over an already existing good or service.

A need could be arise as lack of fulfillment, fear, worries, anxiety, care, concern.

Anytime you hear a complaint about anything that is money crying to be made.

Whosoever solves that problem or addresses that complain will receive money as a reward.

Every organization or establishment that ever came into existence did so to meet a need or to solve a problem, through the food they create or the services they offer.

Every establishment exist to meet needs and to solve problem.
The last and most important ingredient to the money circle is to produce goods to the excellent quality and to offer those goods with integrity, diligence, speed and with amiable attitude.

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From my own perspective this is a very educative message for the youth of this 21st century who wants to be successfull in life.i encourage everyone here to have plan for their future.

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