A marriage to a Cultist

Once upon a time there live a man called stiles he was a cultism.
and he like going to the parties. One day is friend invited him to a birthday party;
the party was so booming earnestly and Stiles is moving his head in accordance of the rhythm.

Seated with five ladies in a round table.
"Hey babes , rock on!!" He muttered loudly with the music almost diminishing his voice...

Shortly, his friends strolled into the party.

"Hey Stiles!!"
"Hey, it's good to see you guys"
"How're you guys doing?"
"Good, we're really good" they answered in unison .


" Get us more Heineken "
It was party on and on.
Stiles brought up the issues of the next assassination target...
"Look guys, the next is the senator.
*We are visiting him by tomorrow .
Knuckle was chopped and more partying still it was midnight.

It's a cool sunday morning and stiles mom was preparing breakfast for the family.

"Stiles,when would you start coming to church"
"Ohhhh mom, why bringing this up again, aren't we talked about this for some time now, mom" stiles said trying to control his temperament.
"We are not done talking about this,till you decide to join the church, period!!.

"It seems you don't want me to have rest in this house, I'm gonna leave here for you and your husband".
Stiles walked out angrily.

Two Sunday has passed after mom talked about the church stuff.

Stiles have now decided to visit the church , so his mom won't have blood pressure as a result of thinking about his issues.

On the sunday morning in church,the congregation are singing"Amazing grace". Stiles is just seated on his seat silently without singing with sunglasses .

After the church service,a lot of people gathered exchanging pleasantries, hugging and pecking themselves .

Mom is with some church members, specifically single ladies.

"Hi stiles , hope you enjoyed the service?"
"Somewhat that,mom" Stiles answered.
Everyone laughed,but Stiles didn't see anything amusing about what he had just said.

"Stiles, I invited Kattie for a dinner at home, hope you'll be around?"

It was later in the evening when the door bell rang and was instantaneously opened by Stiles who was almost stepping out of the house.
"Hello" Kattie amswered.
"Guess you're Kattie?"
"Oh yea"
"You look simply amazing" Stiles complimented her , finally realizing he hasn't complemented on anyone before aside from his mom..
"Thank you "
mother heard Stiles talking and she guessed it was Kattie.

"Why are you throwing questions on her , why can't you just let her in first. Mom said sarcastically
"Oh yea" Stiles suddenly acknowledged his mistake.

Meanwhile , Stiles went back to his room to change up. He was thinking of the beauty of Kattie.

Kattie is fair complexioned lady with blue eyes, dark long tangled hair.

Stiles shortly went down to the dinning where mom,dad and Kattie were enjoying themselves together.
"So no one will call me to come and join in this great communion with a dear sister of God" Stiles said mockingly... Everybody laughed at his joke.

While on the dinning table was intermittently stealing glances at Kattie.

There was something unique about her.
She was just very different from every other lady he had ever met in his entire life.

So unique ... He thought
After the dinner , mom asked Stiles to drop off Kattie.

On the way , Stiles made many jokes and Kattie laughed Uncontrollably..
Time and time again , they have been meeting and they became fond of themselves, without their parent's awareness.

Stiles started going to church because of Kattie and mom was really excited about the sudden change..

Kattie was able to talk to him about her faith... Those words sounded really strange to him but he had listen because he loved her. Mom was really grateful for helping his only child.

Stiles is a mega billionaire in the country , he's known by almost everyone in his country.

Stiles and Kattie went on their first date. It was a big time with the big guy.

He thought heartily.
Along the line, Stiles wanted to kiss Kattie and she placed her lips and said , this isn't the will of God.

It is a sin, okay. Until we are married.

He was so shock for the first time a lady rejected his kiss.
ladies have always wanted to be kiss him in many occasions but this incidence was different.

One year later, Stiles got married to Kattie. Now Stiles is a devoted christian of The Adventist Church. He said no to cultism.
Today , stiles is a pastor in the church.


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