The Unworthy Servant.

In a far-off kingdom, there lived a servant named Thomas. Thomas had been born into a poor family and had grown up with very little education or opportunity. When he was old enough, he had gone to the city in search of work, and he had eventually found a job as a servant in the king's palace.

Despite his lowly position, Thomas was proud of his work. He took care to make sure that everything was clean and tidy, and he was always polite and respectful to the king and his guests. However, despite his best efforts, Thomas never felt like he truly belonged in the palace. He was acutely aware of his lack of education and refinement, and he often felt like he was not good enough to be in the presence of the king and his courtiers.

One day, the king summoned Thomas to his chambers. Thomas was nervous as he entered the room, wondering what he could have done wrong to be called before the king. But to his surprise, the king had a smile on his face.


said the king. "I have been watching you closely these past few months, and I must say, I am impressed with your work. You are a loyal and hardworking servant, and I am pleased to have you in my employ."

Thomas was overjoyed at the king's words. He had never felt so proud and honored in his life. But his joy was short-lived, for the king continued speaking.

"However," said the king, his smile fading. "I have also been made aware of your lack of education and refinement. You are an unworthy servant, Thomas, and you do not belong in my palace. Therefore, I am dismissing you from your post, effective immediately."

Thomas was stunned. He had always known that he was not as educated or refined as the king and his courtiers, but he had never thought that it would cost him his job. He bowed his head in shame and left the king's chambers, feeling like a failure.

For many months, Thomas wandered the streets, searching for work and a sense of purpose. But no matter where he went, he could not shake the feeling that he was an unworthy servant, unfit for any position of honor or respect.

Eventually, Thomas came across a group of travelers who were in need of a guide to help them navigate the dangerous terrain of the nearby mountains. Though Thomas was initially hesitant to offer his services, he eventually agreed to lead the group, realizing that it was the only work he was qualified to do.

To his surprise, Thomas found that he was a natural at navigating the mountains. He was able to find safe paths and shortcuts that the travelers would have never been able to discover on their own. As they journeyed deeper into the mountains, Thomas began to feel a sense of pride and purpose that he had never felt before.

At the end of their journey, the travelers thanked Thomas for his help and offered him a job as a guide for their future expeditions. For the first time in his life, Thomas felt like he had found his true calling, and he knew that he was no longer an unworthy servant, but a valuable and respected member of society

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