Disappointment, oh how it stings,
A bitter pill that misery brings.
Hopes and dreams that once did soar,
Now shattered and broken forevermore.

The promise of success was in my grasp,
But it slipped away like sand in an hourglass.
I worked so hard to reach my goal,
But the outcome was beyond my control.

I thought that love would be my guide,
But it left me empty and cast aside.
The warmth and affection that I sought,
Now seems like a distant, fading thought.

Oh disappointment, you are a cruel mistress,
A relentless foe that brings only distress.
But in the midst of my despair and pain,
I know that I must rise again.

For life is a journey that must be taken,
And with each setback, we must awaken.
To strive for what we truly desire,
And to never give up on the fire.

So I will rise and I will try,
And I will never let my spirit die.
For though disappointment may come my way,
I know that I will live to fight another day.

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