Just like nice houses, opportunities should not be wasted..

He that waste his morning,

his afternoon may be an Opportunity or another chance,

but in the night chances or

opportunities are very rare

If you want to plan building ,it takes gradual steps and processes , you dont just wake up to see a building erect ,
Most times it takes months ..
No matter the amount of money you have ,24hrs cannot erect a beautiful luxury mansion building ,but it is enough to destroy an admirable building..

He that moves along with the spherical earth As time changes, he will not be left behind in life and in financial gains..

Just know that success takes time just like buildings,at first it looks unattractive and ugly ,but when you are done building,it gives out the best beautiful edifice..
Life is just like that,keep trying in silence and let your success make the noise

The impacts that you've made will open or close doors of uncommon favour against or for you

Thats just inside life.