Phasmida o Palotes Los Reyes del Camuflaje.♥♥ Phasmida or Palotes The kings of camouflage.


Hola amigos de Hive, espero estén muy bien igual como lo estoy yo.

Hello friends of Hive, I hope you are very well as I am.

Este insecto me dio un buen susto, al verlo pensé que era una ramita seca pero al darme cuenta que caminaba hacia mí supe que era algo que estaba vivo.

This insect gave me a good scare, when I saw it I thought it was a dry twig but when I realized that it was walking towards me I knew that it was something that was alive.


Luego que me explicaron que es un insecto inofensivo pude tocarlo y no perdía mi asombro ya que en verdad parece una rama o raíz.

After they explained to me that it is a harmless insect you can touch it and I did not lose my amazement since it really looks like a branch or root.


Cuando intente agarrarlo pensé que se podía marchar volando y me dijeron que este tipo de insectos no tienen alas es decir que a la hora de huir solo tienen que quedarse paralizados; esto sí que es contradictorio.

When I tried to grab it, I thought that it could fly away and they told me that these types of insects do not have wings, that is to say that when they flee they only have to remain paralyzed; this is indeed contradictory.



Y así en un instante pueden desaparecer, bueno de nuestra vista porque en realidad siguen allí. Por esta razón se les denomina Phasmida. Según lo que pude averiguar en la wiki, es que proviene del latín Phasma y su significado es fantasma o aparición.

And so in an instant they can disappear, well from our sight because they are actually still there. For this reason they are called Phasmida. According to what I was able to find out in the wiki, it is that it comes from the Latin Phasma and its meaning is ghost or apparition.



Estos insectos son herbívoros y en algunos países cuentan historias que pican el cerebro de las personas, no entiendo porque, quizás es para que los niños no los dañen.

These insects are herbivores and in some countries they tell stories that bite people's brains, I don't understand why; perhaps it is so that children do not harm them.

Fuente de Fotos: Propias capturadas con una cámara Síragon.
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Photo Source: Own photos captured with a Síragon camera.
Modified size: With the Paint Program.

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