Splinterlands Chart Rental


Hello everyone, I am the user @elkaos in splinterlands and I am writing to complain about the monopoly that exists in renting a cards by the great whales, which of course I understand that they want to recover their invertodo money both in cards and in farms.

This complaint is about the prices that they already put when some of you buy a cards at the value of $ 2 they come and lower it to $ 0.5 and in this way we enter in losses as for sale as for rent.

But there is also more problem since when you put a rental offer on some of our cards, you do not get to see why they put a huge amount above us. So I have decided to get out of that monopoly and I want to counter with an offer that I think can benefit me and whoever wants the letter.

My offer and the gift for renting the cards

  1. My offer is to rent my menus at market price
  2. My gift is to double the days example:
    If you rent any of my letters I will double your days like this if you rent it
    1 day I give you 1 day
    2 days I give you another 2 days
    3 days I give you another 3 days
    4 days I give you another 4 days
    5 days I give you another 5 days
    6 days I give you another 6 days
    7 days I give you another 7 days
  3. I only rent them for 7 days but I give you another 7 days, after those days I cancel the rental and when I put it in a new one they can rent the letter, in this way the others will have to rent as well.

These are the cards and their rental price in DEC


Malric Inferno is rented for 1 day for 55 dec


Sea Monster is rented for 1 day for 145 dec


Pirate Archer rents for 1 day for 30 dec


Armorsmith is rented for 1 day for 10 dec


Shieldbearer rents for 1 day for 40 dec


Air Elemental is rented for 1 day for 122 dec


Zintar Mortalis is rented for 1 day for 77 dec


Haunted Spirit rents for 1 day for 30 dec


VENARI BONESMITH is rented for 1 day for 5 dec


Serpentine Mystic is rented for 1 day for 16 dec


Daria Dragonscale is rented for 1 day for 190 dec


DJINN CHWALA is rented for 1 day for 90 dec


Creeping Ooze is rented for 1 day for 55 dec


Goblin Mech is rented for 1 day for 25 dec


Sand Worm is rented for 1 day for 10 dec


Prismatic Energy is rented for 1 day for 60 dec


Furious Chicken is rented for 1 day for 10 dec

How to rent

To rent some of these cards you will have to leave a comment in the post and say what cards you want and the days, once I answer the comment and tell you what it costs you can send the dec to my hive-engine account, and in The same comment will have to make a capture of the transfer and after checking it I will send you the cards.

Do not send anything if I do not answer, because it may be that the cards you want is already rented by someone else. Every day I will update the post so that you can see what letters there are and who rented them and the days

If I see that there is demand I will be able to more cards and apart every week there is a raffle to transfer 1 cards during 1 week, here you can check that I have the cards that I put in possession https://splinterlands.com/?p=collection&a=elkaos


For any questions leave your comment


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