The greatest gift any man on earth had ever received to the best of my knowledge is the gift of a man, Every thing that has so far happened on earth, happens because there is a man and as well happens to a man, all that we see on the earth is because of the presence of men, yet the most abused element or resources on the earth.


  • How do i know?

I have often wondered why so much of attention is given to many other things except man, you can easily see it amongst parents and kids, for instance, for us in the western part of Africa and Africa as a whole, if a child ventures into a location were a treasurable stuff is kept, hmmm, you will receive the beating of your life, so much that when you survive it, you will advise yourself not to attempt such any more.

The banking and oil sector

We have seen the banking sector make save just to be sure that money is protected, all manner of security is put in place, to ensure the safety of the money but even the men who actually governs the affairs of the banking sector, has no guarantee of safety, not in the office, not at home, in fact if anything, happens around the banking facility, the banking governing council will prefer every one in the bank both the staffs and costumers to die and the money preserved than the money to go and the people in good health, Oh what a life,

The bank is soon forgetting that the money in the save, belongs to men, and that they need to stay alive to make more money for the banks, but no.

Again you can see it in the oil sector, that any attempt on the oil well, almost the entire community will be wiped off, than for the oil well to be tempered with,

The content of every man

Every man, on the earth is a well design and packaged gift, that is sealed from the manufacturing unit and discover the true content of it, you can never value any man, every man by default is unique in their making, no two man can be the same in content, no matter how much they physically look like, that is much man from creation was so blessed.

You can choose to mention anything in life, non is worth compared to man but imagine how man so far have been abused by the same man that is supposed to give a helping hand to the other man, you may not be like that who physically abuses the other man but how much attention and care do you as a man give to your fellow man.

Everything you will ever and would ever desire in this life is already in the hands of another man, everything and any thing you already have, was given to you by another man, and it is expected that you will extend that act of kindness, love and service to humanity within and outside your environment, but how do you do it?.

You may be thinking the people around you have so troubled your life that you want them off your path, You may even think, that you should be allowed to enjoy your wealth all by yourself but i want us to figure this together, Just imagine how the world will be if you wake up one morning and in your street, no one exist there anymore, you take a walk to their houses, only to discover that the doors are open, everything is in place but no man is there, what will you do?, you take a work to the market, you find out that all the shops are open, perhaps all the marketable stuff is present but you cant find anyone in the market, you get to the bank and even find out that down to the save is open and money intact but no one to tell you do this or don't?,

Yes if man was actually being abused by other animals, it would have been understood but now man is the one abusing the fellow man, We will do much better if we actually give the attention we give to other things to man, do not judge the container by it cover, seek to know the true content of the container, because many of the persons we have abused, would have been our saviors, in the rainy days but we had dealt badly with them and as a result we missed out of their trust.

This can still be done right if we seek to know the true content of the man beyond the container, this will be deliberately done by me and you and our world will be a better place, this my view, and thanks for having me.