Hi friends
My sincere apology for what happened in one of my last post, i sincerely regret that but it will not go that way anymore, trust me.

I had a good time yesterday with the kids, it was very unusual, we were playing, sharing thought and asking all manner of question base on their area of interest, i tell you it was a lovely moment, we had some stuff to do but with the flow of the atmosphere we could not hold back than to allow the fun flow.


I was actually observing while the fun was ongoing that one of my favorite child who does not easily relate with others began to loosen up, at the initial time she was finding it difficult to join the team mates but she later did.


I had to take the fun to the next level, i called a friend of mind and requested his service of which he did, I ask him to get me some plastic table so that we can have a round table discussion and in few minutes he arrived with the stuffs, when they saw the tables, one of them did ask Sir, what is the table for?, everyone turn and focused at me, I also looked at them for some minutes in amazement then I said the table is for more fun..... the all shouted, scream and did some crazy things that i have never seen among them in the last 6 months i have been with them, while that was ongoing i whispered to my friend on what to do with the tables and he went inside while i continued with them outside, fortunately for me i was the only elderly person with them.


By this time we were already outside the hall we use, while my friend was trying to set up the place, then i remembered that i was once a child who use to play, i called all of them together and started asking yourself question like

what you like most?,
the kind of game you love or wish to play?,
your best gospel artist?
finally your movie ever watch?

You will not believe the things i heard, I heard so many things and then i knew that this children have desired so much in the heart to exploit other dimensions of life that they have not experienced before, aside from those basic questions i asked them two of them requested that they want to say something outside what we have talked about, guess what one of them happen to be that my favorite kid, so I said go ahead

  • question 1

Sir, when are we going to visiting De choice Mall?

It was not a difficult question but i had to think before giving my answer, I smiled at her and said to her that we will do that come next month that is December, she asked again what about Gold Stone?, then i knew that she was up to something, so I ask her why she is interested in going there/, She said that those two places have always been on her mind to visit. then they all said Sir we want to go there, then I ask do you all think we should visit those places? and they said yes......

  • Question 2

This is my favorite kid question, Sir, when are we visiting the play ground at brook street?,
This was difficult to answer because we did not have plans for those places at this time, i had to also think before answering the question, after a minute of silence i said to the girl, when should we go there? she responded we can go there even now.


While they were all expecting me to tell them about the day we will be visiting those places, the setting up of the table was done so we had to go inside for the next level fun. We all went in and there sat on a round table fun.

At the end of the round table fun, we all agreed that our first outing will be this coming Saturday its promised to be another awesome experience, i will keep you guys posted and by then my garget will be good to feed you with live pictures. thanks so much for stopping by @ekotmordemy. your comment and up vote will be of great motivation. keep your faith alive, stay safe.

the best time with kids is a time out with them, you will be blessed in no small way