Hi Friends am glad to be here and to share with you all, this is my second post here in the #BDCommunity, having carefully follow up several post here in my short time of coming on board, it gladdened my heart to share with you all something that have really bordered my mind.


I wouldn't know if this happens around you, but recently around me, its as if the whole world is turning up side down, its really a concern and i think sharing it with you will go a long way to help and also grant relief in a way.

Recently i recalled an incident i saw on the street few months ago, it was really really dramatic, I met two persons holding hands on the street, right in my mind, i said oh what a wonderful sight to behold, I was so excited that my eye have finally the kind of hearts i have always wanted to see, this was because for so long a time within my neighborhood life was funny, But I never would believe that what my eye saw and what my heart believed was far from the truth. i never knew that hands could be cleaved so much together but then the heart is very far is very far from each other.

Experience they say teaches better but i think that some may not be necessary, this is an experience you don't pray to have, I saw it happen to someone around our neighborhood but i never knew it will visit me.

Now i believe that it is possible to holed hands with someone but the heart is far from you, In my experience i had two outstanding lessons i learnt which i will want to share and maybe will be helpful to someone reading this post today.

Recently it was heavy in my heart, so i decided to share, She was amazed and ask me if it can be possible that two good persons can hold hands but the heart is completely separated, It was hard for me to believe until when it came to me.
In my experience, I saw two key words playing out that are very vital in all aspect of relationship, evaluating this words also helped me while trying to recover from the experience. it is possible that you already a victim or about to fall in for it, but i do believe this may be of Help.

Two lessons i learnt from my experience


This an act of nearness or closeness, it is physically seen together and could be be mistaken for another, its like a two parallel line, going the same direction but are never permitted to meet together, not because they would not be interested in the closeness, but their direction of interest make it very difficult for them to meet. you will always have them around you, not necessarily because of you but they are actually going on the same lane, so the knowledge of what they will gain from you alone give them the comfort to stay.

How do you know them, it is simple, they are never interested in what you would gain but what they will gain through you, so no matter how deceptive this may appear, they always appear, to be together but are never together in real sense, so watch out for them and be on alert so that you don't fall like i deed.



This is the act of being together in the real sense, there could be distance apart but the the connection is not tempered with, this one may not necessarily show their physical connection but there is a link that keeps the bond closer than the person who is physically seen. This set of persons are very few and sometimes you don't like them at the start but when you begin to feel the flow of connection, you know that something actually is happening. like i said you may not have plenty of them around you but please be quick to identify them in your cycle of friends and treasure them, because if you don't, you will look for them on the rainy day and will not find them. it happen to me, the once that were always there, are no were to be found, and because i did not treasure the other once, i lost them, now i am practically on a search for them, and are yet to be found.


Our people do say, Look for a black goat while it is day, because when night falls, even when you hear the voice, it will be hard to catch the black goat, this is my experience and i do know someone here maybe about to make my same mistake, but if you can see on time, you will smile, Am now learning it the hard way but i believe it will be over soon.

I love you all
Keep your faith Alive
Do well to stay safe
Till we meet again

thanks for your support and engaging comments, please if you like don't forget to leave your comments, I will be glad to share More, Thank you.