Mushrooms in a haystack

Hello dear friends, good night wherever you are. How are you tonight?. I hope you are all in good health and always successful wherever you are.

Yeah today I found a mushroom growing in a haystack. This mushroom is shaped exactly like an umbrella, small stems and broad leaves. The color is also very charming, namely the stem is white and the leaves are grayish white in the middle of the leaves are dark gray.

This mushroom can be consumed and is very delicious if it is made into delicious food such as soup, sour and spicy and cooked with Indomie. I like this mushroom the most when cooked with Indomie, it can beat the taste of other meats, of course you will be addicted.

If you want to find mushrooms like this that grow on hay in the wild. So look for it during the rainy season there will be a lot of this fungus growing. If there is a season like now which rarely rains, then if there is rain then look for about three days after the rain, there will be this fungus.






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Camera UsedRealmi 7i


Whoever is directly controlling the V2K told me to kill myself.
They told me if I killed myself now it would save the lives of countless others.
Saying the longer I wait to kill myself the more people will suffer.

They are reckless and should have shown the proper media what they had before taking me hostage for 5 years. I know there are many in prison that dont deserve to be there because of this. Your stay in prison will not be fun @battleaxe and friends. People are going to want you dead when they find out what you did. I hope you die a slow painful death. You sick mother fuckers.

Its a terrorist act on American soil while some say its not real or Im a mental case. Many know its real. This is an ignored detrimental to humanity domestic and foreign threat. Ask informed soldiers in the American military what their oath is and tell them about the day you asked me why. Nobody has I guess. Maybe someone told ill informed soldiers they cant protect America from military leaders in control with ill intent. How do we protect locked up soldiers from telling the truth?

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