Ridge Valley and Unami Creek Boulders

A collection of boulders from several chilly weather photo shoots in Marlborough and Upper Salford Townships in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. I took the photos while riding my electric scooter to work.

The Unami creek is wider and has a narrow flood valley. Ridge Valley Creek is narrower and more like a gorge. They come together in Sumneytown, near the Perkiomen Creek. The entire area around and between the two rural creeks is covered with boulders.

It's the middle of December, and I'm still usually riding a scooter to work. My awesome coworkers have been taking me home late at night. I only rode in below freezing temperatures one night. It was literally hell. I have a $60 pair of heated gloves, but my hands still get very cold. My legs and my ass are the only parts of my body that can tolerate the cold. I wanna get more heated clothes and continue riding for as long as I can get away with, so I can make more stops and take more photos before it really gets cold. Even with gloves, it's still terrible, even in the afternoon.

IMG_3906 (2).JPG

IMG_3830 (2).JPG

IMG_3854 (2).JPG

IMG_3753 (2).JPG

IMG_3817 (2).JPG

IMG_3900 (2).JPG

IMG_3882 (2).JPG

IMG_3902 (2).JPG

IMG_3792 (2).JPG

IMG_3870 (2).JPG

IMG_3655 (2).JPG

IMG_3811 (2).JPG

IMG_3849 (2).JPG

IMG_3889 (2).JPG

If you like my photography, please follow my blog. I want to begin posting every day, indefinitely,very soon. It takes a lot of time to review and select the best photos out of the hundreds that I take every time I go out with my camera. Only the best shots get posted on my blog. The vast majority are just wasted, or used for monochrome posts. It then takes me about an hour enhancing then with my photo editors. It's a lot of work for very little, but I'm an OG hiver, and it's all worth it. Thanks for reading this!

IMG_3839 (3).JPG


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