Hive AND Tezos Part1


Today, the term “blockchain” is often used to refer to related technologies such as “distributed ledger technology” used by banks and other financial institutions. The most common type of blockchain is a decentralized network, where no individual or company owns or controls the network.
The Blockchain is a digital platform for recording transactions. The first blockchain was developed as a public ledger for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
Hive and Tezos are both built on blockchains with singularities.
Let’s take some of our time to talk about it.


Hive is a social network of the blockchain era where users can connect, share and discover decentralized applications (DApps) on the Ethereum network powered by GAS.

It is a social graph of decentralized applications and services that allows you to connect, share and discover using blockchain technology at the heart of the project.

The platform is a decentralized network for digital information exchange and storage, which also includes a blockchain-based financial ledger based on Proof of Delegated Participation (DpoS).

Since Hive transactions are free and fast, Hive continues to grow in use cases as it provides a simple gateway to cryptocurrency space. Hive is about to become one of the most used applications on the blockchain, making it an exciting place for developers and users!

HIVE provides stockholders with access to cryptocurrency mining operational profitability as well as an expanding collection of currencies


Tezos is a blockchain that governs itself by creating a digital commonwealth and algorithmically governing the protocol and network participants. It is a new generation of blockchain that repairs, gets involved and corrects itself.

Tezos will be the most advanced blockchain in the world by solving the problems that have stifled the progress of other blockchains.

The Tezos blockchain is called a 2.0 blockchain because it can process thousands of transactions per second, compared to Bitcoin ~7 transactions per second.

What sets Tezos apart from other blockchain platforms is that it has a governance system to ensure the development and growth of the network.This self-government mechanism is called the Tezos delegated consensus algorithm.

The Tezos protocol is a powerful tool to build the decentralized applications of the future, and it has the potential to be one of the most important breakthroughs in blockchain technology for years.


  • Users of Hive and Tezos can also vote on proposed changes to the network software, using their tokens.

  • Being both of the decentralized platforms, they allow to build all new forms of decentralized applications (dApps).

  • Most importantly, they represent a significant financial incentive for users to maintain and improve the network and enables the ecosystem to grow faster.

So that is my understanding,

  • Hive is a social network of applications and services that allows you to connect, share and discover using blockchain technology at the heart of the project.
  • The Tezos blockchain is designed to improve the problems of today’s blockchains: scalability, lack of confidentiality and lack of governance.

What do you think of the evolutions of Hive and Tezos? leave a comment bellow and see you in the second part

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