"Little Dickens" a painting in layers. The importance of story in my drawings


Charlotte tried to be good, she honestly did, but sometimes her governess was too much to bear.


Mother was forever scolding Charlotte with 'tsk tsk' but sometimes she could not help it.

Miss Churchdown had called her a "Little Dickens" one too many times today and so she just had to.

Anyway Miss Churchdown looked rather good as the famous Author, of course she may have got the size wrong, but what better way to manage an irritating Governess than as a pocket-sized famous writer of the day.


Of course Charlotte would change Miss Churchdown back...in a bit. Just now, as she was not the only 'little dickens' , she thought it the perfect time to play with her doll's house.

"It is quite true, tho," thought Charlotte, "I am a little Dickens" then she giggled with Miss Churchdown struggling in her grasp, "But, today, I am not the ONLY one."

and off she went to play with her doll's house.

I hope you liked my very Short little tale (sorry Mrs. Churchdown) but I wanted to share my adding color to one of my black and white illustrations.


This piece started as a black and white digital inking.


But, I really enjoy adding in color in very simple ways.


From a base background to adding layers for skin tone and the like:


The process usually has me dreaming up even more involved tales of the characters in my drawings.

A Gif of some layers
Webp.net-gifmaker (50).gif

I did a series of illustrations of a young lady witches and their creations were often accompanied by my imagining the tales they were involved in. Perhaps it's from my own rather isolated childhood on introversion, but spending much time alone as a child, often by choice, choosing the drawing table or a jar of tadpoles over other children to play with, but when I did engage with other 'small people' it often turned out I was the 'story teller' to our games.

If make believe scenario were the activity, it was usually I that was 'setting the scene' and writing the story we were about to act out. Whenever the 'play' returned to the mundane like 'tag' or 'catch' I lost interest and off to my playroom I'd go, scribbling stories of people who seemed more real and to whom I could relate better.

I think Story and narrative have always played a major role in my reason for making art thus it often is that, at least for me I'm not sure if always for the viewer, my art does contain Story.

I hope you enjoyed this simple little diversion of Charlotte being rather naughty with her governess. I suppose most people do know that calling a child a "Little Dickens" is a thing...tho maybe it's a very old thing?

Despite any of that I hope you enjoyed my little drawing today and that you find a moment in your day to indulge in your own passions or, if like me, the populace and crowds get too much, go off and amuse yourself.


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I think the story and narrative you accompany these pieces with are great and really make the pieces stand out. I enjoyed it! I didn't actually realise she had changed the governess to Little Dickens at first! Splendid :O)


I hope the governess actually deserved that XD


Oh yes, she (the Governess) was making Charlotte memorise Omar Khayyám haha. it must have been the stanza:
Shapes of all Sorts and Sizes, great and small,
That stood along the floor and by the wall;
And some loquacious Vessels were; and some
Listen'd perhaps, but never talk'd at all.

That gave her the idea of small and not talking at all ;)

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