I LOVE our community , Getting on #nftshowrooms and dealing with Makersplace...The NFT saga continues



Well, inadvertently due to most likely User error (my realtionship with tech and machines is always a bit iffy) I've now put up this piece I'd been working on for Makersplace as an animated MP4 also now as a Still.


The uploading process is very confusing to me and after uploading the MP4 of this piece, which you can watch here on my youtube space (I put it up private with link here to share it with copyright image as I'm never sure how best to do it)

The Animated Version that will Hopefully make it to Makersplace (it will play here you don't have to go to youtube to watch)

What happens is, after you upload a media file, it then starts processing and THEN later requests you to put up an image as a representation of the media file...somehow my uploading that became the ONLY file. I could not tell that, however, as I let it 'upload and process' for three days (hoping somehow to NOT have to pay the Ethereum Gas fees) but in the end DID pay them only to see it was the static image. Luckily it was a good High quality version and the bit I liked with the halo affect (tho I wish it had been one with the butterflies)

However, at least, now it is a ONE off very original one of kind piece that is on the blockchain. I'd lower the price, but that is another area I'm unclear on. I click 'edit price' and my only option IS cancel sale? I have not idea...But I DIGRESS

As the joyous bit of this NFT rant post is that lovely Hive and our wonderful @alinearthive community particularly @juliakponsford took the time , and over an hour or two, to help me, via Discord, to get onto the #nftshowroom .

I often get down these tech rabbit holes that can leave me wanting to unplug and rip out the electric lines, get out the gas lamps and party likes it's 1899 , but after a tea break and a long walk by the sea, I'm usually in a better head space.

So, with the help of @juliakposford and also the kind offer of @castleberry I think I am in. I am excited to get some things made for the place and also excited to start collecting up some of the art from there, as we've so many talented folk on that platform.

Thus, I find myself, this Sunday, happy knowing we've so much love in this community, joyous ot make some art for #NFTshowroom as well and collecting there. I hope all of your Sunday's have been as happy and remember Stay Creative!

IF you'd like to follow my Work Here are some Links:
My Website
My Youtube Channel Vlog


I've heard a lot of horror stories about the gas fees and general slowness of the eth stuff x_x glad you managed to get some help with nftshowroom :)