Recovered & "Holding On"


Seagulls and fisherman boats line up in the harbor on a hot summer morning in Japan.



Fully recovered from the Covid flu and things are back to normal. Being at home with the family for almost two weeks wasn't so bad, there were high points and lows. For me, the hardest part was keeping the youngest entertained and seeing the twins watch an insane amount of Pokemon.

( Word to the wise, do not mock or hate something too much, I used to make fun of pokemon lovers by taking pictures of real animals and insects with the caption "look at this rare pokemon I found". Little did I know my own kids would be obsessed with the franchise.)

The good part was just being with family and all the jokes and fun we shared.

We officially got off of "house arrest" just in time to catch our planned beach trip, we almost missed it. But truth be told, we would have gone even during our house arrest period because the Airbnb is non refundable up to a certain point. I will do a post showing some more pics from the trip next, because.....


Because, first things first. I have to plug my latest single featuring @luca1777 and produced by @mrfloridakeyz. Just like that as I was recovering from Covid and then went on a beach trip right after. It was on that trip, last Saturday, @luca1777 informed me the song was on spotify. But I had no time to prepare any marketing materials though I knew the song was gonna be released. The title of the song is "Hold on" and I was inspired to write my verse by actually losing my job.

No kidding, after leaving the meeting where my co-workers and I received the news, I quickly channeled the energy by playing the instrumental. The actual name of the instrumentals is "just a little while longer".

The first words that came to me were :

"Just got laid off from work, outta road plandemic it a lerk"

From there I hollered at Luca to see if he wanted to get on the second verse and he did. He flowed pretty confidently on the track and as always brought that conscious message. He also did the scratching and cuing on the hook as well as a part of it. Luca also did the initial mixing of the track but then we brought the tune to @d-vine for mastering and it so happened that she ended up updating the initial mix.

Oh the cover art? Well the photo was given to me by an ex-Hiver ( he'll be back) who went to Negril, Jamaica. He literally said, "use them for whatever you'd like". And that I did.

A light house is a symbol of hope and security and a sunset, the completion of a cycle and an end to the proceedings. With this song, we hope individuals will be inspired to hold on to life, love and prosperity even though the world may seem in a state of chaos at the moment. You have to remember to HOLD ON.

Listen & Fulljoy the tune, leave feedback in the comments!
Which lines caught your attention?
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Listen to a preview of the song below and the full track on Spotify.



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Kids just love Pokémon bro.
It's all around them and their friends are into it so they may lean to the side that has the greater pull.

But I guess we could say that about anything.