Dragon Fruit Digital Illustration - Original Artwork

Next illustration in my fruit art series :)

I created this cartoon style digital drawing of Dragon Fruit.


This artwork is used in an educational coloring book for kids and it is all about learning to spell fruit names. The title of the book is 'Learning To Spell All The Fruit Names D to J, Educational Arts And Crafts Activity Coloring Book, Volume 2' and it is currently available for sale on Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09CTSTNNF

Volume 1 is for sale here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08XGSTRD1

I created a promotional video for the book below.

I created a preview video for the book below.

This will be a 5 volume series with all the fruit names in alphabetical order, so I have 3 more volumes to create!

Dragon Fruit is oval shaped and the outer skin ranges in color from pink to red. The flesh of dragon fruit can vary from white to hot pink or deep red with tiny edible black seeds. Whitish dragon fruit often has a mild taste while darker, redder flesh can be sweeter and juicier. Another name for Dragon Fruit is Pitaya, it is a beautiful tropical cactus fruit that is a cousin to the cactus pear. Although it is the fruit of a cactus, it does not have any spines or needles on the outer skin. Dragon fruit tastes like a combination of kiwifruit and pear, and different varieties have different flavors and sweetness levels. This wonderful cactus fruit is speckled with edible seeds and the flesh is high in water content, making it the perfect summer fruit. It also contains multiple classes of antioxidants including flavonoids, phenolic acid, and betacyanin. Plus, the fruit has small amounts of several other key nutrients including vitamin C, iron, magnesium, protein and calcium. It was originally grown in Mexico and Central America, today it can be found growing all over the world in places like Ecuador, Israel, Vietnam, Nicaragua, California and Florida.

Thanks for checking out my artwork!

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