Original Music: One Nine (remix) by DJ Lethal Skillz feat. MC One Nine | an uplifting BoomBap Rap

Salute Hivers!
After a long time being away I decided to slowly get back into blogging and sharing my work with the hive community especially I have worked on many projects and more to come and did lots of musical collaborations and releases that I am excited to share it with you and def look forward to your feedback!

One Nine


An uplifting head-nodding recent collabo, a remix I did for my fam @mconenine is one I found very difficult to not to nod my head to and get charged with positive energy every time It plays. One Nine will envelop you with his dope lyrics and rhymes and will take you into his world of fighting the devils and bringing light through that real Hip Hop Boom Bap, expect hard hitting beat, scratching and the whole shabbang that your boy DJ Lethal Skillz brings 🎧🙌✊

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