Original Music: Fresh Hip Hop Album Compilation for the heads

"Sounds From The Streets" is finally out on all major streaming platforms, an 11-track compilation album that boasts hand-select released material from DJ Lethal Skillz productions and some of his favorite scratch appearances on some of the iconic tracks that were released since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year in 2020 featuring 17 great artists from around the globe.

Album Tracklist:
DJ Lethal Skillz Productions (PhonoSapien Productions):
One Nine Remix (MC One Nine)
Open Letter (Q Sound)
Ok Boomer (Vandal)
Trees (Dookie Brown)
i-Elevate (King Ra, Vandal)
Decentralize (Unknown Mizery)
Toss A Coin (Vandal)

Scratching Feature Appearance:
Got Skills (Tymmo) Produced by IZZ4D / Daorecords
Huna Al Qahira (Deeb & Felukah) Produced by Big Moe / RE-VOLT
Kavibars (Orga) Produced by ill Krux / Quantum Dimension
Harib (Al9ine & BLVXB) Produced by Big Moe / RE-VOLT

Big shout out to all the artists on this Compilation it was a big pleasure and a true honor working and creating with you all!

Check the album on Spotify

(Unsupported https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/18hsTzFghJM5bgBMFxBo4w)