Got an upcoming track on a global collaboration Project Pangea: Hip Hop Heals


I am very excited to announce that I have been invited to produce a track and be featured on “Pangea: Hip Hop Heals” an amazing compilation assembled by the mighty 206Zulu & King Khazm featuring 50 emcees, producers, DJs, and artists representing 17 countries.
This album is dedicated to the countless lives lost due to COVID-19, their loved ones, and everyone affected by this global pandemic.

With that said, the track I produced and laid down the cuts for is track number 10 on the album titled 'Virus is the System' written and performed by 2 of the dopest Canadian MC's, Lyrical assassins and partners in Hip-Hop @vandigital @kingmizomadeit and Malaysian female rapper @rhymebo0k, the track talks about the Pandemic and Covid-19 theme and the broken system.

“Pangea: Hip Hop Heals”, a compilation produced by emcee, artist and community organizer King Khazm, spotlights diverse perspectives surrounding the current Coronavirus pandemic and related experiences. The album features 50 emcees, producers, DJs and artists representing 17 countries.

This album is dedicated to the countless lives lost due to COVID-19, their loved ones, and everyone effected by this global pandemic.

Hip Hop has been historically an opportunity for a voiceless and marginalized community to be heard and seen. From the benign neglect of the Bronx, New York in the early 70s to systemic oppression of today, Hip Hop, much like the isolation of today’s current pandemic, speaks to overcoming barriers of seclusion, powerlessness and scarcity.

The project speaks directly to how artists from around the world are coping and banding together in unique and innovative ways to connect. The music carries themes of commonality and how we are all going through similar experiences, demonstrating resilience and optimism through music and art. The core values of Hip Hop is peace, unity, love and overcoming the negative to the positive. There is an undeniable power in storytelling and sharing experiences, and this project seeks to embrace the best in humanity.

In this unparalleled time of unemployment, economic decline, lack of medical support and overall hardship, there is an equal amount of compassion, humanitarian service, environmental rejuvenation, and increased personal capacity. Despite the scarcity we are experiencing, the essential things we need in life are abundant and prevalent.

This project aims to spread awareness of the larger connection we share.


  1. The Pandemic feat. King Khazm & DJ WD4D
  2. These Days and Times feat. Dumi Right, Outspoken & Syko Tek
  3. RAPVID feat. Oze, Ephniko & DJ Gafeto
  4. Where is the Worl’? feat. Eli Almic
  5. Superpowerz feat. Kane Smego & Jessica Care Moore
  6. Next Level All Stars feat. A. Billi Free, Def-I, King Khazm, Kane Smego, Dumi Right & D.S.Essense
  7. 2020 feat. Maze022 & Andy Music
  8. Work It Out feat. King Khazm & Abstract Rude
  9. Heads Together feat. Orbitron & Illerstrator
  10. Virus is the System feat. Vandal, rhymebo0k & Unknown Mizery
  11. Alright feat. Afu-Ra & PIO SQUAD
  12. Survival feat. Sista Hailstorm, Def-I & Manik 1derful
  13. The Tool feat. Soall & Daygard
  14. Only When We’re One feat. Emile YX? & X2C
  15. A Humanidade Está Sofrer feat. Nilton Pendante
  16. Next Generation feat. Z.D.C & Astro Brim

Get the full details and info on also you can join in the Album Release & Artist Discussion that is happening live via Zoom for further details check the bio on the fam Instagram @kingkhazm bio


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