Free NFT Wearable giveaway Inside: upcoming metaverse party line up and details

Salute Hiveans! ✌️

Metaverse poster.gif

To celebrate emanate collaboration with APPICS, they are teaming up to host another massive party in the Voxels metaverse with a dope lineup featuring: DJ Lethal Skillz, Masia One, Louie C Rhymes, Nina Creese, Mayki Graff, Verbal D, Jamie, and Ziya.

The event will take place on 30th July 6 pm AEST, For those attending kindly drop your metamask wallet address in reply to this so we send you the special drip we did for this party.

The first 5 people to comment with their metamask wallet address will receive an exclusive NFT wearable made specially for this occasion that you can dress your naked avatar with and join the party with style 🙌

Teleport here on on 30th July 6 pm AEST:[email protected],1790.5N,7.5U