emanate X Appics Hip-Hop Party: Metaverse Recap



Late last month, to celebrate emanate collaboration with web3 social media platform APPICS, they threw another wicked party in the Metaverse. This time was a little different: the lineup was nothing but Hip-Hop acts combined from both communities, and they crushed it!


The three hour event was held in our dedicated Voxels parcel, a three story party palace with a dedicated NFT gallery, music video library and a huge stage on the rooftop.


Entry was free for everyone, and party goers could get their hands on a limited edition, APPICS-emanate NFT wearable for their avatar to get into the party spirit.


The stacked lineup featured some of the best hip-hop acts on emanate, including web3 favorites DJ Lethal Skillz and Masia One, both bringing their unique hip-hop flavour to the metaverse. Nina Creese, Jamie, Ziya and Verbal D also made their emanate party debut, each one keeping the crowd of avatars absolutely buzzing.

“The web3 space has so many dope artists yet to be discovered. This event was just full of so much talent, as always”. — DJ Lethal Skillz

The success of these events, paired with the unending line of fresh faces just goes to show the growing appetite for Metaverse events. More and more artists are jumping headfirst into web3 every day and it's super exciting to see what the future holds.

See you all at the next Metaverse party!