Any Hiveans on FriendTech already? Let's connect šŸ™Œ


šŸ„³ Super excited to share that I have finally joined #FriendTech nowafter seeing few of my Web3 homies non stop talking about so I finally FOMO's and joined the noise šŸ¤£. Are u on it already if yes and would love to connect hit me up in the comments below or on my twitter via a DM āœŒļø

šŸ™Œ Cop the app and find my Twitter handle @djlethalskillz to be among the first to get my keys šŸ”‘

Feel free to message me for some invite codes! #FRIENDTECH šŸ’«šŸš€

For those who are interested to learn more about FriendTech here's a useful video that I found on YouTube during my research that helped me understand what it is and if it's something for me, please remember always DYOR!