DiggnDeeper Into a New Paridigm

Clearly, The Paradigm of Government As We Know It Does Not Work.

What can we do about that?

Open Source, Decentralization and Accountability Creates Robust Abundance and Better
Environmental Stewardship and Justice.

This project is being built so that anybody can find anything about open source, decentralized philosophies and technologies are the liberator of humanity as well as how prohibition is the enemy of humanity.

This is my ongoing effort to provide a full curated index showcasing the projects, players, tools and the concepts that can be used to "roll your own" platform and build a better society. The focus is also on highlighting the errors of prohibition and how a voluntary society can overcome the violence and corruption that stifles our societies today.

These are key elements for a much more peaceful and robust society. We are living in possibly the most transformative time in human history. We have the tools to explore this new frontier and explore we shall.

We Have The Tools. Right Now.

What is Open Source?

A project is Open Source when its code base is public and editable.

Wherever communities come together to solve a problem, open source can provide a way to collaborate for a solution that can be shared and improved upon. Now, blockchains can add a way to transact in a completely transparent and trust-less way.

We are already starting to see a proliferation of maker spaces and markets operating organically and sustainably by community activists using these tools and technologies. These maker spaces are beginning to displace the current mainstream ways and means by showing us a better way to get things done - far more robustly.

What is Decentralized?

Decentralized just means that there is no central power.

Blockchain is the best example of decentralized technology and governance right now. Remember, decentralized does not necessarily mean open. A blockchain can be decentralized, but not open.

Community (local) markets can decentralized.

Would Eliminating all Prohibition Create a More Peaceful and Prosperous Society?

This is a tough question and my opinion is that the answer may be counter intuitive, but the reality is that prohibition of anything makes everything worse.

We can't be letting people cut elephant tusks off because there is a victim. Likewise, we can't be prohibiting the ownership of things, as there is no victim in that. A crime has a victim.

Lets Try It.

It turns out, these tools and concepts can be applied to help you take control of anything you want. It may have started with software (wiki), but voluntary choice and peer-to-peer collaboration is now enabled and gaining momentum in just about every aspect of life: communications (wiki), education (wiki), food (wiki), governance (wiki), healthcare (wiki) makers (wiki), prohibition (wiki), property (wiki), security (wiki), software (wiki), trade (wiki), and travel (wiki).



Decentralization is freedom, and independent means is wealth. When we produce ourselves the means of securing our freedom and independence we make overlords obsolete. I strongly advocate manufacturing means of securing ourselves from armed gangs of thugs overlords use to project force. When enough of us have, we will create a free and independent polity that will leave totalitarian tyranny in the dustbin of history, where it belongs.



100% agreed. The problem is that many have no real idea what peace, freedom and prosperity really is or what it could mean to self govern. That is what I want to see change.