Participate in KKN activities in MADDI village with friends



Hi everybody....
How are you there, are you healthy, because health is the main thing we think about,
Well, on this occasion, I want to share a little experience when I participated in the Community Service Program at the Malikussaleh University Campus, Lhokseumawe where I studied, we did KKN activities in Maddi village.
Immediately, first of all, what we enjoy during KKN is the cohesiveness that we need, which says we are united in one group, peace and tranquility will be realized in carrying out an activity,
The second is mutual respect for each other, don't vilify other people, today the people we abuse are under maybe tomorrow we are in that position, then respect other people, if we respect other people of course other people also respect us .
Third, if we have a problem in the group, we should hold a joint deliberation so that the problems we face are quickly resolved.
And we also visited several places in the village, one of which is KRUNG PASE or KRUNG PASE irrigation, Krung PASE is an irrigation water line for rice farmers in the vicinity, and he said KRUNG PASE is a legacy of Japan and the Netherlands in the kingdom ISKANDAR MUDA who was in Aceh first.
That's enough from me....
This is a short story from me, if you have had an experience like mine, this is the story.
Best regards

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