Cute macro spider is looking for food for himself and his cubs

good afternoon friends wherever you are on this occasion I will show and also tell you a little, that I just took a picture of a spider which of course I have never seen before

I want to tell you a little about spiders, namely there are many types of spiders in the world, from poisonous spiders to non-poisonous ones. And if you are bitten by a spider, it would be nice to be able to catch the spider and kill the spider and take it on the head of the spider and then crush it and apply it to the place where it was stung or the spider bite, God willing, it will heal because it's a powerful and traditional medicine in our place, both spiders and other animals such as limpan for example. Or even caught and brought to the doctor so that we know what kind of spider that bit us,

It looks like this spider is playing or looking for food, I was lucky to see it, and it looks like this spider is comfortable with taking pictures, And this is where this photo shoot takes place, this spider is on the Malikussaleh university campus by accident I met me when I was taking a break in the parking lot, and it made me interested to take a picture, and I struggled a little for the macro picture because the spider was running and in the end I got it,


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