How You Can Earn Huge Income With Tipmeacoffee.

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Tipmeacoffee is a decentralized social media platform that is build under the Breeze blockchain, the blockchain was created by the Breeze foundation. TMAC(TipMeAcoffee) is the native token of the breeze blockchain, the token is listed on pancakeswap and can be swap to BNB or any Binance smart chain token, this is the contract address of tipmeacoffee 0x6421282c7f14670d738f4651311c5a1286e46484.

You earn extra income for promoting your blog post

For bloggers and content creators this is a good news for you as tipmeacoffee helps you promote your content and still reward you for doing that. For content creators in other blockchain like Hive,Steemit,Blurt, Serey...Tipmeacoffee is giving you the opportunity to earn extra cash from your content by sharing the link to your blog post in the platform.


Tipmeacoffee has decided to take it far by creating so many ways you can earn rewards, you don't have to be only a content creator for you to earn as there are other opportunities you can dive in to and start making cash.
These are some of the ways you can earn TMAC tokens.

1.Upvoting and sharing of content

The Breeze Blockchain uses Proof of Likes method,when you share your blog links or your micro content you earn rewards. When you upvote other users content you also earn a percentage rewards. The number of content you share and the amount of upvote you can give depends on your Bandwidth(BW) and Voting power(VP). Bandwidth is the amount of bytes in your account. A user who is sharing, upvoting, following or doing any activity on breeze blockchain needs to have BW in his account. Maximum value of bandwidth a user account can have is 64000 bytes. And also you need VP to upvote contents, the amount of TMAC in your account determine your VP, It keeps increasing at a rate of 30 VP/TMAC/hour. Maximum VP a user can have is 16000. Once it is fully or partially used, new vp starts generating again.

You can also earn reward by doing nothing in the platform and that is through staking. You just stake your TMAC token and start earning,the good news is that there is no staking or unstaking fee, you can choose to unstake anytime without loosing your rewards. the image below shows the reward gotten within 5 days from a user who staked his TMAC token.


You can see the amount of reward the user got within a short period. Visit TMAC.FINANCE connect your to your wallet, stake and start earning rewards now.



I bet you Tipmeacoffee has one of the best affiliate program ever. when a person registers with your link, you get 2% of rewards from every upvotes received by that user and this rewards never end, you keep earning as long as the person who signed up through your links keeps receiving upvotes.


If you are a developer, Tipmeacoffee is offering you an early opportunity to join and help in the development of the platform. You can become a top witness of the platform, produce blocks for them and start earning huge rewards. Apply as a witness now before it is too late. Read more about their witness program here.

How to signup
To signup for tipmeacoffee you have to join their discord channel Tipmeacoffee and got to there account creation section to get your activation token then continue your registration here

This is a quick review of Tipeacoffee. If you have any question concerning this please drop it on the comment box.

Thank you.


What a good platform, I'm registering right away.