Creative management as a tool for decision making in the company

Written by:Diomer Antonio Galán Rincón.
Bachelor's Degree.Public Accounting / MSc.Science of Higher Education.

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Since prehistoric times, man, in his need to adapt to the world around him and attracted by his curiosity, has made use of creative ingenuity to take advantage of the different things present in his environment. An example of this can be found in the first rudimentary tools created for hunting and cutting from sticks and stones.

It is for this reason that today's society is composed of organizations that are subject to change and instability of the environment. It is perceived that, as the environment becomes more unstable and turbulent, the greater the need for different options to take advantage of the opportunities that arise, or to achieve the solution of problems and situations that alternate and differ in an increasingly diverse manner.

In this way, man takes creativity towards an evolution and has become a unique and exclusive versatile tool, which he uses in each and every facet of his daily life, even in the resolution of conflicts.

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A clear definition of the concept is provided by Carballo and Duarte (2009) who describe creativity as "A process of presenting a problem to the mind with clarity, (either imagining it, visualizing it, supposing it, meditating, contemplating, among others) and then originating or inventing an idea, concept, notion or scheme, along conventional or non-conventional lines. It involves study and reflection rather than action".

The demonstration of the first creative traits of man, has been the primary basis for the development of his confidence, since mankind has relied on it not only to transform, process and build everything we use and that guarantees the comforts we enjoy, but for decision making both in life and in the labor field, since there is no type of professional exercise in which it is not manifested in some way.

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In the administrative field, creativity has come to play an important role, since nowadays, in order to guarantee administrative efficiency, tasks must be directed to the creation of ideas and their application to the field. In order to continuously devise new trends that help to achieve in less time the objectives proposed in the mission and vision of the business entity, as well as to generate methods to quickly recognize the problems and find possible solutions quickly.

To conclude we can say then that creativity has had its evolution hand in hand with humanity and every day there are more fields in which it is applied.

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