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When you were near fatmawati street in the morning and you were starving like us, one morning we were starving after mom met her opthalmologist in the hospital... Fortunately the hospital was located not far from a popular authentic indonesian restaurant which already opened since early morning. So there we went...

When we reached the restaurant at around 10 am, there were not many customers in the restaurant because it was still in the morning.


There was only a table on the 1st floor which available that time, so we didn't need to go upstair. Mom's feet were unwell so we took that only table. It is priority table for elderly people, disables or pregnant women.


They hung some photos of their dishes on their wall.


Do you recognize any of them?


The menu that this restaurant served were indonesian authentic dishes especially from East Java. They sold many kind of smashed dishes like chicken, empal (traditional cooked beef), rib, fish, duck, shrimp, eggplant and other smashed things like tofu and even tempeh. They also still had others menu like roejak spices roasted chicken, some authentic indonesian rice packages and also they had krawu rice, pecel rice, black beef soup rice and some other menus.

For the drink they had some iced beverages like grassjelly, soy bean milk, lemon, syrup, young mango, seaweed iced and so on. We then wrote down what we wanted to order on a piece of paper. What we ordered for the main dishes were east javanese authentic dish, mine was usually eaten there for the breakfast. Guess what?

The food came after 30 minutes of waiting, here what we ordered..


Bothok as the side dish came when i already finished my pecel rice. What we ordered that morning were mom's empal black beef soup, mine was pecel rice (what we usually have in east java) and also roejak spices roasted chicken. Mom also had grass jelly iced as the drink while me, i had the sweet hot tea.


The taste and flavour of what we had that day...

For the food started from mom's main dish. It was empal black beef soup with rice.


The flavour of it was tasty in savory. The shreded beef empal was on the top. It also had savory flavour and soft. Mom loved it because it was so tasty. Mom also added the sprouts and a bit chilli paste so it had spicy and sweet flavour.

My main dish was authentic east javanese breakfast pecel rice.


It had many boiled vegetables poured by the authentic pecel peanut made from sauce which had savory, sweet and spicy. Imagine how fresh, of course it served with rice... also it was completed with kemangi leaves which fresh and smelled so good plus crunchy fresh savory rempeyek chips (it also had some peanut topping). Overall this was one of the best pecel rice you could find in my city. I really love this menu!

I also had another tasty side dish roejak spices roasted chicken.


It had sweet, savory and also spicy flavour. It had soft texture, roasted and delicious. You won't ever find this menu everywhere, that made this menu even more special.

Our other side dish, came really late. This menu called bothok.


It was traditional, made by steamed and wrapped with leaves. It consisted of tofu, tempeh, small salted fish and coconut. It had soft smooth texture and it had savory, sweet and also spicy flavour. You also must try this menu!

For the beverage mom ordered one of the favorite, grassjelly iced.


It had black grassjelly, in small cubical shape. Plus it contained cocopandan red syrup and iced.. it had sweet fresh flavour.

Already full up so it was our time to pay, for all the food and also drink we had, we paid 110,003 IDR or around 7.7 USD. Not expensive for that tasty flavour!


So wanna try our version of perfect indonesian breakfast too?

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Business Information

Warung Bu Kris
D10 Ruko Golden Fatmawati
15th, Fatmawati street
South Jakarta
Open daily 9 am - 9pm

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