Game Development for Kids with Godot Engine - Variables in GDScript


In this post we are going to take a look at How to write Variables in GDScript using Godot Engine.

I know I should have covered this lot earlier. But I am posting these tutorial in the order they were made and I made them in such way that I could cover some of the good topics in a flow. So the variable specific tutorial came a bit late on that front.

This tutorial is basic but you can make use of it for your fundamentals. Though anyone who is aware of the python would be easily understanding this tutorial and it's easy to learn and do as well. I'd recommend you to try the tutorial out.

This is 11th tutorial in the series and it seems I have covered small details related to the GDscript and also a lot of small concepts will be soon covered as the time goes on as well. Check the below series of previous tutorials if you want to. I am sure you would find some interesting learning out of them too.

So let's get started with below video and you can check the TOC if you want to access the previous tutorials.

Table of Contents of Godot Engine Tutorials

This was pretty much basic tutorial on making use of the variables. Let's not ignore just because it was simple. But yeah for each to their own. Some can skip it if they don't want it. I would say it would be interesting to see more of the gdscript from this point onwards as well.

If you want to try out the similar game development tutorials using the gdevelop, you can follow this tutorial trail of GDevelop Tutorials.

I hope the current tutorial was useful to you.

We will continue the further game development topic in next post.