Hive stock images // Calliandra haematocephala



Hi stock images..
As usual, today I'm back with you guys to share something interesting that you can see in the form of pictures that I have prepared.

In the routine work I did today in search of pictures for posts, I again came across one of the most eye-catching flowers on the home page of one of the villagers.

This flower is known as calliandra, a type of plant originating from Guatemala, for the country of Indonesia this type of plant was deliberately imported from Guatemala to be planted in one of the botanical gardens.

And then spread to almost all corners of Indonesia.



In addition to being used as ornamental plants, it turns out that calliandra plants, almost all parts of this plant are useful for us, namely this plant can repel other nuisance plants such as weeds, reeds and others, while for leaves the community provides animal feed such as cattle and goat.

In the stem or wood of the calliandra plant it is used as one of the best types of firewood.

If you visit Indonesia to be precise in Sungkep Regency, the people there have started to look at the calliandra plant as a business area, that's because for them Kaliandra is a plant with various benefits and has a high economic value. From the stems, flowers and leaves, everything can be used, namely as a substitute for coal and many other uses, for that the people of Sungkep Regency in collaboration with the local government have succeeded in developing the productivity of this calliandra flower plant.






Friends, that's all at a glance about plants that have the nickname "angel hair" in my post today, hopefully it will be useful.